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Website Pipeline


Website Pipeline designs, builds, hosts, and supports ERP e-commerce websites.  We specialize in integrating our websites with leading mid-market ERP systems (financial & inventory software packages). Our goal is to deliver a website integrated with your ERP that meets your business requirements. We do this by combining your business goals for the website with our

  • in-depth knowledge of ecommerce,
  • understanding of business processes,
  • knowledge of ERP ecommerce integrations, and
  • extensive suite of website modules.

To learn about your goals and needs we conduct a Planning and Discovery process in which we

  • identify your target audiences,
  • prioritize your target audiences,
  • identify your goals for each audience, and
  • rank each goal by importance and urgency.

Part of this process includes discussing items relevant to your business, such as:

  • product presentation and ordering requirements
  • customer-specific pricing
  • sales pricing
  • payment processes
  • shipping
  • taxes
  • customer data
  • ERP system and version
  • and many other factors.

We use this information to produce a scope of work, and ultimately build a website integrated with your ERP system, that will meet your business goals.