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FYIsoft- Financial Intelligence by Design

FYIsoft (formerly RenovoFYI) is a 100% web solution offering comprehensive financial reporting and analysis that streamlines the design, creation, and distribution of financial information.  Managers and decision makers will spend less time preparing and verifying financial figures, and more time analyzing and making sound business decisions.  That’s financial intelligence.


FYIsoft has made it simple to create presentation quality financial statements through flexible reusable components. What makes FYIsoft designer so easy to use:

  • Smart: It understands debits, credits, calendars, periods, books and balances – it knows general ledger data.
  • Build: Simply create rows, columns, account collections, styles and organizations put them together and you have financial reports.
  • Recycle: Reuse any building block and you can instantly create an infinite number of reports in formats that suite your needs.
  • Share: Centralized report designs assure everyone receives the same financial data, accessible from anywhere with the required controls.


Financial statement generation and disbursement can be very time consuming and frustrating.  FYIsoft simplifies the process:

  • Control: Run reports immediately or schedule them advance while maintaining control over who receives and views them.
  • Security: Integrated LDAP security and environment settings assure everyone views only the data and reports they need.
  • Performance: Reports are generated on a server so they don’t tie up your computer, allowing you to continue to work while the reports are generated.
  • Access: Conveniently access and view your financial reports through the internet, e-mail, or reporting libraries in Excel or PDF versions.
  • Efficiency: Automated packaging and bursting assures all reports are run at the same time and everyone automatically gets the reports they need to manage their business unit,  department or company.
  • Organize: Easily create paperless reporting libraries that allow you archive or manage reports that haven’t been reviewed.


FYIsoft makes analyzing reports easier. Managers and decision makers can easily analyze their own financial statements without relying on accounting personnel.

  • Reach:FYIsoft allows you to drilldown from account summaries, to account details, all the way to the transactional details.
  • What if: Quickly restructure your organization with a simple drag and drop. No need to change the underlying general ledger data.
  • Alerts: Create if/else statements that will tell you if something needs to be evaluated.
  • Confidence: FYIsoft provides both data auditing and validation.