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Boost your productivity with eRequester!

eRequester offers flexible administrative controls over purchasing based on your approval routing requirements such as departmental hierarchy, monetary thresholds, or rules built on other fields or flags in the system with the aim of providing financial managers the tools to monitor and control spending.

Requests are routed for authorization through eRequester’s sophisticated approval workflow engine. Email notifications let approvers know that they have requisitions waiting for review.

Customizable, logical workflows are simple in eRequester. Route requests for proper authorization based on criteria including:

  • Department
  • Hierarchy
  • Project group
  • Specific requester
  • Unit pricing
  • Warehouse
  • Type of purchase
  • Type of document
  • Budget
  • BudgetAccounting code
  • BudgetVendor or vendor class

As you monitor spend performance and identify problem areas, you can further drill down to get the depth of data you need to course correct and stay on track.

Real time notifications- Receive notifications throughout the requisition approval process whenever a change is made, reducing rogue spending and keeping you informed at each step in the purchasing process.

Budget reporting- Get detailed views into all of the requisitions posted against a specific budget during a specific period of time and compare budgeted versus actual costs.

Accrual reports- See which purchase orders have received the goods or services but have not yet been invoiced to easily move budget from one period to the next.

Custom view- For those who need views beyond dashboard and other pre-configured reports and search options, eRequester provides one-click Excel download functionality to export the data you need for additional insight.