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DirectConnectfyi from Renovo now Provides Real-Time Integration between Sage 100 ERP and Renovofyi

Real Time Integration packages allow Sage 500 and Sage 100 ERP users to immediately produce financial statements when GL transactions are posted.
Renovo Corporation announced the release of DirectConnectfyi for Sage 500 ERP and a DirectConnectfyi for Sage 100 ERP through DSD.  These two new solutions provide real time direct integration and allow a Sage 500 or 100 ERP user to enter a journal entry and then immediately report against it in Renovofyi, the company’s
comprehensive financial report writer.

DirectConnectfyi ensures that Renovofyi is instantly aware of any new data, including new general ledger accounts, balances and journal transactions, and provides real time reporting with Renovofyi. Alternatively, Renovo’s Connectfyi solution provides near real time reporting and integrates with a broad range of general ledger systems.

Renovo has teamed up with DSD to offer a DirectConnectfyi solution for Sage 100 ERP.  Renovo customers will utilize a special version of SQL Mirroring used in conjunction with DirectConnectfyi to accomplish the direct integration. This version, “LMSR SQL Mirroring for Renovofyi” is available by contacting ClearPoint Consulting Group today!  “Renovo is dedicated to providing outstanding financial report writing solutions, support and services to our partners and customers,” stated Maureen Okerstrom, President of Renovo Corporation. “We are very pleased to be able to offer DirectConnectfyi for Sage 500 and Sage 100 ERP today, and will continue to develop and offer real time integration with other general ledger systems moving forward.“

Renovo Corporation’s solutions are utilized by an ever increasing customer base that ranges from small to enterprise businesses, across a wide variety of vertical markets and globally, to streamline the financial statement process.

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