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budget maestro


With so much flexibility and financial intelligence built in, Budget Maestro will transform the way you develop and use key financial data.

It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets and formulas. Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software products let you concentrate on the structure and performance of your business, not on troubleshooting spreadsheets one cell at a time. ¬†Budget Maestro is a scalable budgeting and planning software solution, available in two editions:


Standard Edition- Suited for organizations with basic budgeting, forecasting and reporting needs.


Advanced Planning Edition- Suited for organizations with more advanced budget planning and performance management requirements.

Better data. Better decisions.


Both editions are designed for productivity, confidence and insight into your financial operations:


  • Formula-free technology
  • Extensive built-in business & financial intelligence
  • Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow reporting
  • 100% accurate GAAP-compliant calculations
  • Powerful what-if capabilities
  • Automatic consolidation of multiple units, locations, products, etc.
  • Fast, flexible reports and financial statements
  • Full functionality with little to no IT involvement
  • Greater ownership of financial performance by all managers
  • Easily adapts to your structure and reporting requirements
  • Wizards, menus, and drop down options guide you throughout the budgeting, planning and reporting process